Featured Photo - December 2004

This month we feature two photos of the old York County Jail on Chestnut Street in York.

The top photo shows the second York County prison (built in 1854), erected at the intersection of Loucks Mill Road and Chestnut Street. The first or original county prison from the Revolutionary War period, stood on the northeast corner of what is now East King Street and South George Street.

The bottom photo shows the construction of the new prison building. In 1907, the front of the 1854 prison's facade was torn down and a modern building was erected. Gone were the parapets and the slanted prison walls. The new building had a capacity of over 100 prisoners.

The oldest part of the original building in the back of the castle style front remained. This portion of the building originally housed prisoners on two levels of cells with rounded cell roofs. When this building was remodeled, the old cells were removed, and the structure became a gymnasium and exercise area for prisoners.

Diagonally crossing the bottom of both photos is the trackage of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad.

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