Featured Photo - November 2004

This month's photo features items from Maurice W, Hughes, who was born in Hughesville, Pa.

The photo on the right shows Hughes in his Pennsylvania State Highway Patrol uniform. Hughes served with the State Highway Patrol from 1931 to 1935. Hughes was stationed in Lancaster, and worked as a motorcycle officer year-round in all weather.

Along his patrol route he was notified of calls for service by a flag placed at businesses that received phone calls either from the barracks or from citizens. The business owner would then post the flag outside on the building to notify a passing officer of a pending call for service.

At bottom center is an actual uniform patch worn by Hughes. This patch was used by the agency from 1930 until 1937.

The photo on the left shows Hughes in 1936 in the fall/spring uniform of the York City Police Department. Hughes resigned his position with the State Highway Patrol and joined the York City Police Department on January 9, 1935. Hughes left a department that had both motor vehicles and radio communications, and joined a police force that did not yet have patrol cars or radio communications in use.

Hughes eventually attained the rank of Lieutenant in the York City Police Department, and retired on April 25, 1960 after 25 years of service.

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