2007 Law Enforcement Awards Recipients
2005 Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony
A standing room only crowd attended the 2005 law enforcement awards ceremony. A bigger room would be needed next year.
2009 Law Enforcement Awards Recipients
2009 Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony
Police Heritage Museum Vice President Roy Robbins addresses the attendees at the 2009 law enforcement awards ceremony.

Law Enforcement Awards Program

Part of the mission of the Police Heritage Museum is to promote a better understanding between law enforcement officers and the citizens they serve by demonstrating the role officers play in their communities' history and growth.

By establishing the Law Enforcement Awards Program, the Police Heritage Museum hopes to meet its mission by promoting the public trust and support of local law enforcement agencies by showcasing the achievements of local law enforcement officers. In addition, we hope to shed light on the community member that wears a law enforcement uniform.

The Law Enforcement Awards Program is sponsored by Republic Services, and is held in cooperation with:

York County Chiefs of Police Association
White Rose Lodge #15, Fraternal Order of Police
York County Lodge #73, Fraternal Order of Police
York County District Attorney's Office.

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award

The Police Heritage Museum hopes to recognize well-rounded law enforcement officers who have exceeded the duty requirements expected of their position and have also demonstrated a distinct pattern of community service along with professional achievement. Selection criteria includes:

  • Significant achievements that go above and beyond the call of duty
  • Outstanding acts of kindness or compassion or courage
  • Consistency in day-to-day operations
  • How the officers represents their agency and profession
  • Community work the officers performs on their own time
  • Performance which reflects the highest standards of the profession

Award of Valor

The Police Heritage Museum wishes to recognize local law enforcement officers for exceptional courage in a specific hazardous or life-threatening situation. Recipients will be recognized for actions performed at considerable risk to the officer's safety or life:

  • In an effort to save or protect life and/or property
  • A significant action above and beyond the normal call of duty

Citizen's Award of Merit

The Police Heritage Museum wishes to recognize local citizens for actions taken at personal risk to:

  • Prevent or stop the commission of a crime
  • Assist or aid a law enforcement officer
  • Attempt to save or protect life and/or property

President's Commendation

The President's Commendation is presented by the Police Heritage Museum for recognition of superior performance of duty which would not fully meet the criteria of any other established award. The award is presented at the discretion of the Police Heritage Museum.

2017 Law Enforcement Awards Program

The 2017 Law Enforcement Awards ceremony was held on Thursday, May 24, 2018 in the County Commissioners Meeting Room at the York County Administrative Center, 28 East Market Street (the former York County Court House) at 3:30 p.m.

The following officers were recognized:

Patrol Officer Waltersdorff

2017 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Matthew T. Waltersdorff
Patrol Officer
Hanover Borough Police Department

Officer Waltersdorff is an eight-year veteran of the Hanover Borough Police Department. He has received six department commendations, three letters of achievement, and three letters of appreciation from police departments other than his own

Waltersdorff is a graduate of Spring Grove Area High School. He graduated York College of Pennsylvania College with a BS degree in criminal justice.

Waltersdorff is married, and has two children.

Waltersdorff serves within the patrol division of the Hanover Borough Police Department, is a quiet professional and epitomizes the police patrol officer.In 2017, Waltersdorff's street awareness and attention to detail was instrumental in the arrests of several criminals.

On August 6th and 7th, a 49-year-old Hanover man committed four armed robberies within a 14-hour period. In one robbery the man alluded to having a firearm. The fourth robbery occurred at 1:22 p.m. at a bank in the Spring Grove area. Waltersdorff, with prior intelligence on the suspect and vehicle, set up within the borough on a likely path of travel back from Spring Grove. After a period of time had passed, Waltersdorff moved to check on banks in the northern area of the borough. Waltersdorff also checked a residence in the borough where the suspect vehicle had been seen previously, and he found the vehicle with two male occupants inside. Upon seeing the marked polcie vehicle, both men fled. Waltersdorff notified dispatch of the situation and was able to detain the passenger while the driver fled into the residence. With the passenger in custody, Waltersdorff took a position of cover and provided direction over the radio to incoming units. The suspect remained barricaded in the residence for over three hours until taken into custody by the York County Quick Response Team after the suspect set fire to the residence and bailed out a window.

On November 18, Waltersdorff was dispatched to a business on Carlisle Strreet for a burglar alarm. Arriving in the area, Waltersdorff spotted two males dressed in black and wearing backpacks walking away from the business. About the same time, Waltersdorff noticed that the glass door to the business had been shattered. Waltersdorff detained both men, which led to evidence being found on them linking them to this burglary as well as a burglary of another area business. One of the males provided a confession, leading to both men being charged for the burglaries.

Waltersdorff's quick response, alertness and attention to detail were key factors in the quick resolution of these crimes.

Detective Sergeant Layden

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Nominee

Lisa Layden
Detective Sergeant
Southwestern Regional Police Department

Detective Sergeant Layden is a twenty-two-year veteran of law enforcement in York County. She previously served as a part time police officer in West Fairview Borough, Cumberland County, and was hired by the then North Codorus Township Police Department in 1992. Layden became a member of the Southwestern Regional Police Department when it was formed in 2002. She is assigned as a detective sergeant, and previously served as a patrol officer and patrol sergeant. She has received multiple department commendations, twice department officer of the year, twice employee of the quarter, and has received awards from the York County Juvenile Court.

Layden was born in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, and is a graduate of Honesdale High School. She graduated York College of Pennsylvania College with a BS degree, Penn State University with a Master's Degrtee, and is currently a doctoral student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She served in the Air National Guard from 2001 to 2004 as a part of the 193rd Special Operations Wing.

Layden is married, and has two adult children. She is involved in Special Olympics of Pennsylvania, the Law Enforcement Torch Run, Polar Plunge, and volunteers with the Chil Abuse Prevention and Outreach Program.

Layden was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania, and had never planned on a career in policing. Recognizing her ability to deal with people, she put herself through the HACC police academy while raising two children. Her formal education goals and her career have never slowed and she is constantly looking to better herself in her profession.

Layden investigates and supervises the toughest crimes, time consuming investigations and those that involve children as victims. In 2017, she personally handled 39 investigations where kids were victims of physical or sexual abuse, 4 elder abuse cases and 5 Megan's Law violations. A December homicide of a mother of three where an intruder broke into her home at night brought real concern and fear to an entire community. She brought the case to a close within 48 hours, bringing calm back to the residents.

Layden's work and knowledge of crimes against choildren have resulted in her being recognized as an expert witness in federal court and she has testified in many criminal and civil cases due to that status. In addition to her investigative prowess, Layden tirelessly works with many agencies to support the victims and their families. She has a sincere interest and desire to assist victims of crime and performs these tasks in a very humane, concerning and understanding manner.

Previous Recipients

To see the previous award recipients and nominees, please visit our previous award recipients page.

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