Patrolman Sean Haggerty
York City Police Department

2015 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Nominee

Officer Haggerty is a three-year veteran of the York City Police Department. He is assigned as a patrol officer.

Haggerty was born in York, and is a high school and college graduate. He is married, and is a veteran of the United States Army.

Haggerty is the recipient of the departmentís 2015 Police Officer of the Year.

In 2015, Officer Haggerty responded to 1,261 calls for service, handling everything from parking complaints to homicides in the course of his duties. Haggerty charged 23 individuals for felony violations, and 35 individuals for misdemeanor offenses. His efforts in narcotics investigations resulted in the seizure of 1,587 bags of heroin valued at over $15,000.00, 32.36 grams of raw heroin valued at more than $3,500.00, 11.29 grams of cocaine valued at more than $3,500.00, eight firearms and over $6,000.00 in cash.

Haggerty also served 93 outstanding warrants, and recorded 169 reports during the course of the year. Haggerty spent nearly 167 hours on foot patrolling various neighborhoods to deter the criminal element, regardless of the weather. While on foot patrol, Haggerty forged new relationships and developed a trust with the residents. This trust reflects on the department as a whole, and has reduced the barriers police encounter when investigating crimes in those communities.

Haggerty spent nearly 1,177 hours investigating reported crimes that reached prosecution. Court officials often comment on his professionalism and the attention to detail he demonstrates when preparing cases, and victims notice the compassion he displays. Haggerty does the extra work that secures a conviction or helps a victim cope with their loss.

Haggerty spends time visiting local schools and speaking with students in conjunction with the departmentís Community Services Division, offering guidance and mentoring the children of the City.

Nominated by Captain Timothy R. Utley

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