Police Officer Bryn Lindenmuth
Southwestern Regional Police Department

2015 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

LindenmuthOfficer Lindenmuth is an eleven-year veteran of the Southwestern Regional Police Department, where he is currently assigned as a patrol officer, and a part-time member of the drug task force. He is the recipient of 21 letters of appreciation or commendation, and was the department’s 2009 Officer of the Year.

Lindenmuth was born in Allentown, and is a graduate of Northern Lehigh High School. He has an associate’s degree from North Hampton Community College and a bachelor’s degree from York College of Pennsylvania. He is married to Kalina, and has two children, Bryn and Brianna. Lindenmuth is an avid outdoorsman, and volunteers in the department’s “Adopt a Highway” program.

Lindenmuth is trained as a drug recognition expert, and is a police motorcycle off-road expert.

Officer Lindenmuth began his police career in 2005, and is a motivated, high-energy officer. In 2015, Lindenmuth filed 45 criminal charges and issued 350 traffic enforcement contacts, the most of any officer in the department. In many cases, these traffic stops opened the door to other criminal charges, including 16 DUI charges and the discovery of illegal druge in ten additional stops.

Lindenmuth is specially trained as a drug recognition expert, and can recognize the signs of drug induced intoxication that many without the training cannot. He is willingly on call for this assignment in the York and Lancaster areas, and has been called in to duty 30 times in 2015 during his off duty hours. His efforts have a positive effect on the traffic safety of the roadways of southwestern York County.

Lindenmuth is also a part-time member of the York County Drug Task Force, and is often asked to assist both while on and off duty. He is also trained on the department’s off-road motorcycle, used through the hills and thickets of the area in efforts to reach missing persons and to detect crimes often too secluded for most to see.

Lindenmuth has a sincere interest and desire to assist victims and other officers with their criminal cases, and just can’t say no when others need information or advice on their cases. He is the department’s “go to” officer for help in an investigation.

Nominated by Chief Gregory M. Bean

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