Police Officer Corey Sheaffer
Northeastern Regional Police Department

2014 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Nominee

ShaefferOfficer Sheaffer is a three-and-a-half veteran of the Northeastern Regional Police Department. He is currently assigned to patrol. He is the recipient of a Chief’s Commendation.

Sheaffer was born in Pennsylvania, and is single.

Officer Sheaffer is the youngest member of the department, but is one of the most mature and wise beyond his 25 years. He displays good judgement, common sense, exceptional decision making and sincerely cares for the community he serves.

This past fall, Shaeffer was on patrol and noticed a 12-year-old boy playing basketball alone in a park. The boy got the ball stuck between the rim and backboard, and was throwing a stick at the ball to try to dislodge it. Shaeffer got the ball down, and played basketball with the boy. The boy offered a deal to Shaeffer - if the boy made the basket Shaeffer would have to have lunch with him at his school. Shaeffer agreed, and the boy sunk the shot.

Shaeffer made a date to meet the boy at Spring Forge Intermediate School, and accompanied by the department chief, the school resource officer and another officer visited the school and had lunch with the students. The visit received plenty of media coverage, providing a lot of positive press for Shaeffer and the department for a simple act of kindness. Shaeffer and the department continue to receive mail, phone calls and e-mails thanking Shaeffer for being a positive role model for our youth.

Submitted by Chief Bryan Rizzo

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