Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Llewellyn Kauffman
Pennsylvania Game Commission

2013 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Nominee

Deputy Kauffman is a 30-year veteran of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He is currently assigned to southeast York County.

Kauffman was born in Laurel, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Red Lion Area High School. Deputy Kauffman served in the United States Army, and actively served in Vietnam. Deputy Kauffman is married with two children.

Kauffman puts forth an extreme amount of dedication to the Game Commission as a Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer, working over 650 hours in 2013, even though budgets permitted pay for only half of that time. In addition, Kauffman logged almost 6,000 miles on his personal vehicle.

Kauffman instructed eight Hunter Trapper Education classes in 2013. He and another Deputy took it upon themselves to conduct a successful Fur Taking course to add more training in the district and the county.

Kauffman is always willing to help out. He is more than just a team player. He has “seen it all” in his almost 30 years as a deputy, but does not allow some of the rougher times to dim his spirit. As a seasoned trapper and outdoorsman, he continues to instill the spirit in the residents of the county, helping out at Youth Field Days, Veterans Sporting Clay Shoot and any other special event, be it a street fair or school function.

When it comes to law enforcement, Kauffman is outstanding. He has a firm knowledge of the Game and Wildlife Code. Law enforcement to Kauffman doesn’t always mean a citation, he makes sure the violator understands what they should or shouldn’t have done.

Kauffman lives and breathes the life of a Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer.

Nominated by Wildlife Conservation Officer Shawn A. Musser

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