Kenneth Ardner
Mary Roan
Daniel Shade

Recipients - Citizens Award of Merit
May 24, 2012

On January 27, 2014, James Lewin collapsed near his car outside of the Dollar Tree store at 965 Loucks Road in York City. Two men entered the store to seek assistance for the man. Kenneth Ardner, a customer in the store, and Mary Roan, assistant store manager, exited the store to investigate. Ardner found Lewin on the ground and after assessing his condition initiated CPR. Roan removed her coat and placed it on Lewin, who was turning blue in color. Daniel Shade observed the incident from his car in the parking lot, and brought a blanket from his car. The three rescuers switched off performing CPR until the arrival of White Rose Ambulance and City Police. Lewin was transported to York Hospital where he received additional care in order to survive. These three citizens saved Lewin’s life.

Nominated by Chief Wes Kahley, York City Police Department

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