Officer Travis A. Sowers
York City Police Department

2011 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Nominee

Officer Sowers is a 13-year veteran of the York City Police Department. He is currently assigned to the Detective Bureau. He previously served as a Neighborhood Enforcement Officer and on the Drug Task Force. He previously served in the Fairview Township Police Department.

Sowers was born in York, and is a graduate of William Penn High School. He attended York College, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree. Sowers served as a US Army medic for three years, and coaches basketball and t-ball. Sowers is married to Aneela, and has two children, Zachary and Joshua.

Sowers is the recipient of a Unit Commander's Citation, Chief's Commendations, an Award of Achievement and is one of the department's 2011 Police Officers of the Year.

In April 2009 Sowers was assigned to the West End Neighborhood Enforcement Unit, whose assignment was the neighborhood around Princess and West Streets. Although Sowers worked within the unit, his expertise for undercover drug investigations kept pressure on drug dealers in his assignment area. In three years, Sowers made 127 felony drug arrests, and the seizure of over 300 grams of cocaine and over 1200 grams of marijuana.

Sowers also served as a resource for the Detective Bureau, as his knowledge of repeat offenders was valuable. His knowledge of the habits of a homicide suspect allowed the suspect to be located in Shippensburg and subsequently arrested.

Sowers and his unit were responsible for monitoring a nuisance bar located in his assignment area, a haven for drug deals, fights and shootings. He served as a liaison to the Liquor Control Board and the unit's efforts resulted in the establishment being closed as a nuisance bar by the LCB in July 2011.

Sowers has repeatedly shown that he can rise to the top with his independent skills in investigations, street savvy and law enforcement.

Nominated by Chief Wesley A. Kahley

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