Officer Timothy P. Clymer
York City Police Department

2011 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Officer Clymer is a three-year veteran of the York City Police Department. He is currently assigned as a patrol officer. Clymer previously served as an intern with the Centre County Probation and Parole Department and the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office Bureau of Narcotic Investigation.

Clymer was born in Hackettstown, New Jersey, and is a graduate of the State College Area High School. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Crime, Law & Justice from Pennsylvania State University. Clymer is a member of Saint Joseph's Catholic Church and participates in the department's summer youth bowling program. Clymer is engaged to Molly Ann. Clymer is the son of a retired federal agent.

Clymer is the recipient of a Unit Commander's Commendation, a Chief's Commendation and an award of achievement.

Clymer has developed into an exceptional street patrol officer, and maintains a positive image that reflects the solid hard work, professionalism and dedication that every officer should strive to achieve. Clymer's work ethic can be argued to have produced one of the most successful enforcement years in the history of the department.

During 2011, Clymer has produced 78 misdemeanor arrests and 12 felony arrests, including 19 DUI arrests and 23 drug-related arrests. Clymer handled 1,362 calls in 2011, the most of any officer on any shift. He also produced 302 investigative reports, the most of any officer, 191 traffic citations, and issued 112 faulty equipment cards. Clymer made 90 non-traffic arrests, which is almost double that made by the officer with the second highest number of arrests. Clymer also served 295 warrants, completed 64 accident investigations and made 28 field interview stops.

Clymer used only two sick days in 2011. He displays a positive attitude and is an example to each and every new officer that has been assigned to his shift. He needs little of no supervision and is often heard on the radio providing information to more senior officers.

Nominated by White Rose Lodge #15, Fraternal Order of Police

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