Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Jeffrey Orwig
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Recipient - President's Commendation
May 24, 2012

Deputy Orwig is a 9-year veteran of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He is currently assigned to southeastern York County. Orwig is also a Hunter Trapper Education Instructor.

Orwig was born in York, Pennsylvania, and is a graduate of the Red Lion Area High School. Orwig is a veteran of the Army National Guard. Orwig is married to Erika and has one child, Hunter.

Orwig is the recipient of a Lone Ranger Award and a Life Saving Award from the Commission, as well as being nominated as a Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer of the Year. Orwing was the recipient of a Police Heritage Museum President's Commendation in May of 2008.

On November 28, 2011, Orwig was conducting routine checks during the hunting season in Lower Chanceford Township. Orwig was monitoring a hunter coming down the creek, and crossed a bridge after contacting the hunter to determine which side he was coming out on. As Orwig entered the woods to access the creek bank, a second hunter on the bridge alerted him that the hunter had fallen.

Orwig ran to the creek where he found the hunter lying face down in the water. Orwig pulled the hunter to shore and prepared to administer CPR. Orwig's initial chest compressions resulted in water coming from the hunter's mouth. Orwig rolled the victim to remove water from his mouth. He rolled the victim onto his back and found the victim with shallow breathing.

Orwig had another hunter contact 911. The hunter on the bridge, the victim's 81 year-old father-in-law, advised that the victim felt hot and almost passed out earlier. Orwig began treating the victim for heat stroke and shock. He then coordinated nearby hunters into a team to move the victim to the other side of the creek to deliver him to EMS. The victim was flown to Hershey Medical Center.

Orwig then got hunters to assist in getting the victim's deer to the father-in-law's truck.

The victim, who spent a week in Hershey Medical Center, and his father-in-law, both agree that the victim is alive today thanks to the efforts of Deputy Orwig.

Nominated by Wildlife Conservation Officer Shawn A. Musser

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