Officer Brandy Goodling
Southwestern Regional Police Department

2010 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Nominee

Officer Goodling is a 4 year veteran of the Southwestern Regional Police Department. She is currently assigned as a patrol officer.

Goodling is a graduate of the Spring Grove Area High School and has a Bachelor's Degree from York College. Goodling is single.

Goodling was a nominee for the 2010 Hanover Area Police Officer of the Year, and was the department's Officer of the Quarter for three quarters. Goodling is also the recipient of several department commendations for criminal investigations and traffic safety.

Officer Goodling is one of the newest members of the department, but does not carry herself like a new officer. She deals with the daily stressors of the job with confidence, tenacity, and a will to always assist the victim of a crime. Goodling put herself through the six-month police academy.

Officer Goodling is the only officer in the department to be born and raised in the area the department protects. She knows the streets and the people very well, but she is required to enforce the law with people that she knows very well. She recently purchased her own home.

In 2010, Goodling was responsible for solving an armed robbery at a convenience store. Goodling shared this information with three other police departments that were able to bring charges against the suspect, ending a robbery spree in York County.

Goodling worked a brutal assault case, eventually identifying a suspect who was arrested seven months after the crime was committed. This case may have gone unsolved if not for Goodling's tenacity.

Goodling received special recognition from the Pennsylvania Game Commission for several acts that were above and beyond the normal call of duty.

As a patrol officer, Goodling was assigned additional investigations in 2010 above her normal patrol duties. Even with the extra workload, Goodling was still able to initiate 464 traffic stops in 2010.

Residents enjoy working with Goodling due to her easy going manner, and criminals dislike Goodling because she will find them. For all these reasons, Goodling was an easy nomination for the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Nominated by Chief Gregory M. Bean

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