Officer John K. Reisenweber
York City Police Department

2010 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Officer Reisenweber is a 6-year veteran of the York City Police Department. He is currently assigned as a patrol officer.

Officer Reisenweber was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Edenborough College and is a graduate of the Mercyhurst Police Academy.

Officer Reisenweber is the recipient of four Chief's Commendations, two Commissioner's Commendations, and two Certificates of Achievement. Reisenweber was also his department's 2010 Police Officer of the Year. Reisenweber is an active biker, and helped to rebuild in the south after Hurricane Katrina. Reisenweber is single.

Officer Reisenweber investigated and resolved 27 felonies and 24 misdemeanors during 2010. These crimes ranged from aggravated assaults and robberies to identity theft and intimidation of a witness. In addition to he day-to-day patrol duties, Reisenweber also served as a crime scene investigator and a field training officer. In 2009 and 2010, Reisenweber was responsible for investigating several burglaries and car break-ins. He was able to recover a shoe impression from one scene which allowed the Detective Bureau to eventually identify and charge an individual with over 35 burglaries in the City of York.

In January 2010, Reisenweber investigated a robbery of two high school students walking home from school. In cooperation with school officials, actors were identified and the stolen property was recovered.

In February 2010, Reisenweber investigated an armed robbery of a corner store. After viewing surveillance video, and through several interviews, Reisenweber was able to charge four juveniles and remove three firearms from the street. Another firearm was recovered at an incident where Reisenweber and other officers investigated a report of a firearm being discharged.

In August 2010, after responding to a call of shots fired, Reisenweber was able to impound a vehicle where witnesses said the gun was placed after being fired. After obtaining a search warrant, two pistols, 10 grams of cocaine, 2.2 grams of marijuana and a substantial amount of ammunition was recovered and removed from the streets.

These are just a representative sample of the cases Reisenweber was involved in. Reisenweber has performed beyond what is normally considered regular patrol duties without prompting or prodding. His genuine concern for the citizens of York is evident. His work ethic is unparalleled, and the City of York is fortunate to have him working in its ranks.

Nominated by Chief Wesley A. Kahley

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