Detective Keith A. Farren
Newberry Township Police Department

Recipient - President's Commendation
May 19, 2011

Detective Farren is a 14-year veteran of the Newberry Township Police Department. He is currently assigned as a detective in the Criminal Investigative Support Unit, and previously was assigned as a patrol officer. Farren previously served in law enforcement with the Pennsylvania State University.

Farren was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has an Associates Degree from Niagara University. Farren is married and has two step-children.

Farren is the recipient of a Meritorious Service Award from his department, as well as being named the department's Officer of the Year.

On June 12, 2010, Detective Farren was off duty at his home in Newberry Township when he heard a commotion outside. Farren went outside and heard screaming coming from the area of a neighbor's home, where a party was underway. One of the persons attending the party ran to Farren's home and reported that his neighbor had been shot at the party. Farren retrieved his shotgun and donned an old duty ballistic vest and went to investigate. He encountered several subjects on the road by the house, one of which was armed. Farren identified himself as a police officer and ordered the armed man not to move. The subject surrendered and was held until taken into custody by arriving officers.

Farren then learned that his neighbor had been shot in the head and was deceased. Farren remained on the scene and assisted with the investigation of the homicide. Over 150 people were in attendance at the party, with several live bands playing through the night and alcohol being consumed by many of the attendees. After the shooting many of the attendees were trying to leave the area, and Farren assisted for the next several hours gathering and interviewing witnesses.

Farren's selfless actions resulted in the apprehension of an armed homicide suspect trying to flee the scene of the crime, all while the officer was off duty.

Nominated by Chief of Police John C. Snyder

Detective Farren was not in attendance. The award was accepted on behalf of Detective Farren by Sergeant Andrew S. Knaub, Newberry Township Police Department.

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