Mr. Steven Zinn

Recipient - Citizen's Award of Merit
May 19, 2011

Steven Zinn is a resident of York. He is currently employed as a postal carrier for the United States Postal Service.

Mr. Zinn was born in York, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Dallastown High School. Mr. Zinn is married, and has a daughter.

On December 8, 2010, a 66 year-old female was shopping in downtown York. Shortly after 11:00 a.m., as she was walking to her vehicle, a man struck the woman in her chest and took her wallet. Mr. Zinn heard the woman's screams, and ran to the woman to render aid. After determining that the woman was not seriously injured, Zinn began to chase the suspect. While chasing after the man, Zinn was able to call 911 and give a detailed description of the suspect and their location. Police officers quickly moved into the area and arrested the suspect. Zinn then returned to the victim to render aid until medical personnel arrived.

Once in custody, the suspect was arrested for additional robberies and thefts in the area. If not for the actions of Steven Zinn, this violent predator would have continued to prey on innocent victims.

Nominated by Chief Wesley A. Kahley, York City Police Department

Mr. Zinn was not in attendance. The award was accepted on behalf of Mr. Zinn by Chief Wesley A. Kahley, York City Police Department.

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