Officer Ronald Stiles
Carroll Township Police Department

Officer Stiles is a seven year veteran of the Carroll Township Police Department. He is currently assigned as a patrol officer and a DARE instructor. Stiles previously served over 25 years with the Latimore Township-York Springs Borough Police Department in Adams County.

Officer Stiles was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the John Harris High School in Harrisburg. Stiles is single.

Officer Stiles is a veteran of the Viet Nam War and retired after serving twenty years with the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Officer Ronald Stiles has been a member of the Carroll Township Police Department since 2003 and during this time he has given 100% to the department and the community that he serves. Officer Stiles has been a police officer for almost 30 years. Before joining the Carroll Township Police Department Officer Stiles served with the Latimore Township-York Springs Borough Police Department in Adams County, where he taught DARE and was the Departments Officer-in-charge until his retirement. Officer Stiles now teaches DARE to 6th grade students at the Northern York County Middle School for the Carroll Township Police Department.

Officer Stiles represents what a police officer is and should be. Officer Stiles is known throughout the area as a caring, compassionate and respectful police officer. Younger residents see Officer Stiles as the police officer that is someone's grandfather. It is not uncommon to see Officer Stiles getting a hug from a child who he has helped resolve a problem, or a person on the street, regardless if he has arrested them or not, will shake his hand and tell him that he has helped them and now they are doing fine. When a child is sick or injured and the police are summoned, Officer Stiles always ready to aid and comfort that child.

Officer Stiles volunteers his time to give tours of the police department to Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts in order for them to attain their merit badges. Officer Stiles gives safety talks to school aged children from area day care centers as well as the Northern School District Elementary Schools. He is also active with the Flying Angles, a non-profit group that makes dreams comes true for terminally ill children.

Officer Stiles is quick to offer assistance not only to the public, but also to his fellow police officers, with whom he proudly serves. There is no one act that can define the actions of Officer Stiles, but after 30 years of service, he will still tell people with a big smile "I am a cop".

Nominated by Sergeant David Smith

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