Officer Bryn Lindenmuth
Southwestern Regional Police Department

Officer Lindenmuth is a five-year veteran of the Southwestern Regional Police Department. He is currently assigned as a patrol officer. He also serves with the York County Drug Task Force and is an off-road motorcycle rider.

Officer Lindenmuth was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and is a graduate of the Northern Lehigh High School. Lindenmuth has an Associate in Arts Degree from Northhampton Community College and a Bachelor of Arts degree from York College. Lindenmuth is married to Kalina, an elementary school teacher, and they are expecting a child. (NOTE: We need to verify this - or have they had the child since nomination?)

Officer Lindenmuth is the recipient of his department's Officer of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2009, and is the 2009 Hanover Exchange Club Police Officer of the Year. He is an avid hunter and Harley-Davidson rider.

Officer Lindenmuth has consistently made numerous contributions to his department in the last five years. But his abilities as a crime fighter are what set him apart. In 2009, he was responsible for nearly 500 traffic contacts and 90 separate criminal charges.

Officer Lindenmuth is trained to use the department's off-road Suzuki motorcycle, and has used it for details to uncover lost persons in wooded areas. He has also used the motorcycle to surprise criminals who realize, too late, that the police can go off-road. A DUI and a separate heroin arrest are a direct result of his off-road prowess.

Last year, Officer Lindenmuth showed self initiation in attending training in Maryland on detecting drug impaired drivers. Detecting drug impaired drivers is more difficult than detecting alcohol impaired motorists. Realizing this, Lindenmuth prepared himself to deal with this new trend. He has shared this information with others and is responsible for an additional 30 drug impaired arrests in the past year that would have otherwise gone undetected.

The thing that powers Officer Lindenmuth in his duties is his love for his job, concern for his community, and knowing that doing the right thing every day is still the right thing to do. He is an easy choice to nominate for this award.

Nominated by Chief Gregory M. Bean

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