Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer George T. Erskine
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Deputy Erskine is a 12-year veteran of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Erskine is currently assigned to District 6-67-2.

Deputy Erskine was born in Baltimore, Maryland and is a graduate of the York County Vocational Technical School. Deputy Erskine is single, and has three children.

Deputy Erskine is a veteran of the United States Army, and served as a volunteer firefighter for 16 years with the Rescue Fire Company of Dallastown. Erskine is the recipient of three life-saving awards from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, two life-saving awards from the Rescue Fire Company of Dallastown, and was the 2004 Southeast Region Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer of the Year.

In 2008, Deputy Erskine worked 861 hours. Erskine is part of the Commission's Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer corps, a group of officers that must pay for their own firearms, vehicles, gas, and other miscellaneous items to perform their job. Erskine is provided with work clothing, and is paid $65.00 for each eight hours he worked for approximately three months, and volunteering his time for the vast majority of the year.

Deputy Erskine maintains an excellent law enforcement program, producing about 100 prosecutions each year, and issues double the amount of warnings each year. Erskine not only provides services to his district, but other districts as well. He regularly patrols to District 6-67-1 rifle range and passes information on to the appropriate officer. Erskine responded to an illegal deer complaint in District 6-67-3 when an officer was not available, and apprehended three subjects with illegal deer.

Deputy Erskine was the officer in charge of a very high profile Federal Lacy Act violation that occurred in 2008 near Glen Rock. This case involved several subjects that were illegally killing white-tailed deer at night and illegally transporting other white-tailed deer from Maryland., Without Erskine's efforts this case may never have been brought to a successful conclusion.

Deputy Erskine spends many of his working hours on the York New Salem Game Lands. This area is close to the population of York, and has many problems unique to the area. In the past this area was severely abused due to the lack of an enforcement effort in the area. Erskine is almost solely responsible for the change in the area and the great reduction of criminal activity in that area. Erskine is a constant in the area, and the legitimate users of the game lands appreciate Erskine's effort.

Deputy Erskine produces many cases for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission within York County. Erskine has expanded his knowledge of migratory bird enforcement, and has completed several projects to aid in officer training. Erskine has produced electrical stimulus kits for Commission vehicles, which were also distributed to Ohio Fish and Game officers at the Ohio Waterfowl Academy.

Deputy Erskine also assists with the district's Hunter-Trapper education program, and has been part of at least half of the courses that are given each year. Erskine is also the primary Commission representative to the Springfield Township Farmers and Sportsmen's Association, attending meetings and reporting on the Commission's activities.

Nominated by: Wildlife Conservation Officer Chad R. Eyler, Pennsylvania Game Commission

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