Detective First Class Jeffrey T. Spence
York City Police Department

2008 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Detective Spence is a 20 year veteran of the York City Police Department. His current assignment is as Detective Supervisor in the Detective Bureau. Spence was previously assigned to Patrol and Community Policing.

Detective Spence was born in York, and is married with four children.

Detective Spence is a veteran of the United States Air Force and Reserves, and previously coached York City Youth League baseball and basketball. Spence is the recipient of twenty-one Chiefs and Commissioners Commendations, one Award of Achievement and an Award of Merit. Spence was the department's 2008 Officer of the Year.

Detective Spence is the direct supervisor for the six detectives that investigate the Crimes Against Persons (robberies/homicides), Crimes against Property (thefts/ burglaries) and Identity Theft/ Forgery sections. Spence displays a strong dedication to his job and his concern for the victims shows in his work

Detective Spence's work and the work of the detectives under his supervision goes far in furthering the reputation of the York City Police Dept and the quality of its investigations.

Detective Spence also carries an active caseload, investigating homicides and robberies side by side with the detectives he supervises. Spence's knowledge of the city and its residents, those involved in criminal activity, his skill as an investigator and ability to talk to people, both victim and suspect alike, has earned him the respect of other officers both within and outside the Department.

In 2008 the Detective Division investigated 12 homicides with a l00% clearance rate. In 2008, Detective Spence was primary investigator or assisted in 29 active robbery or homicide investigations. Spence personally investigated and charged suspects in three homicides, 4 robberies, three aggravated assaults, one kidnaping, 2 obstructions and one hindering apprehension case.

Nominated by: Lieutenant Timothy Utley, York City Police Department

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