Officer Michael Bosco
Newberry Township Police Department

Recipient - Award of Valor
May 21, 2009

Officer Bosco is a 6-year veteran of the Newberry Township Police Department. He is currently assigned as a patrol officer, and serves on the Drug Task Force, the Quick Response Team, is a ballistic shield and patrol rifle instructor and a field-training officer.

Officer Bosco was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of East Strasburg University. Officer Bosco is single.

Officer Bosco is the recipient of two departmental Medals of Honor, a Meritorious Service Award, multiple commendations, and is the department's 2008 Officer of the Year.

In August of 2008, the Newberry Township Police Department was serving a search warrant as part of an investigation into an alleged rape. Officer Bosco was off-duty and responded to a officer's request for assistance. Officer Bosco took second position in a four-man entry team. After entering the residence, the team found the suspect's bedroom door locked from the inside. After repeated announcements with no response, the team breached the door and gunshots were exchanged. Due to Officer Bosco taking the second position in the entry team, Officer Bosco was exposed to danger and protected other officers from being in the line of fire.

Nominated by: Sergeant Gregory L. Starner, Newberry Township Police Department

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