Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Jeffrey Allen Orwig
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Recipient - President's Commendation
May 8, 2008

Deputy Orwig is a four-year veteran of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He is currently assigned to southeast York County. Orwig is a Hunter-Trapper Education instructor and is a member of his local volunteer fire department.

Deputy Orwig was born in York, and is a graduate of Red Lion Area High School. Orwig is married with one child.

Deputy Orwig was nominated for the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Southeast Region Deputy of the Year Award.

On July 22, 2007 at approximately 0800 hours, Deputy Orwig was off duty and was entering a convenience store when he heard a horn blow several times followed by lots of yelling. Orwig saw a vehicle driving from the parking lot with the passenger door hanging open and what appeared to be a young girl lying on her back with her feet out the door, and a male driving with his arm around her neck.

Orwig returned to his vehicle and followed the car, catching up with the vehicle after traveling about a mile. The door was still open and the girl was still hanging out. Upon negotiating a sharp curve, the door slammed shut and the car screeched to a halt across the middle of the road. The couple in the car appeared to be struggling.

Orwig positioned his vehicle behind them, and observed the male strike the female with a closed fist several times to the face. The female then broke free and fled back to Orwig's vehicle, entering the passenger side and closing the door. It was at this time that Orwig realized that the female was an adult woman.

The male then exited the car, and approached Orwig. Orwig exited his vehicle, and took cover behind his door. Orwig commanded the male twice to stop, but the male kept approaching. Running out of options, Orwig stated "State Officer, get back in your vehicle." The male returned to his vehicle and sat in the driver's seat.

Due to the rural location, Orwig was unable to contact help via radio. Orwig contacted York County 911 via cell phone, and Hellam Township Police responded to the scene.

Nominated by: Wildlife Conservation Officer Guy Hansen, Pennsylvania Game Commission

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