Patrolman Russell J. Schauer, III
Springettsbury Township Police Department

Patrolman Schauer is a 3-1/2 year veteran of the Springettsbury Township Police Department. Patrolman Schauer is assigned to the patrol division.

Patrolman Schauer was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and is a graduate of Lower Dauphin High School and Harrisburg Area Community College. Patrolman Schauer is engaged.

Patrolman Schauer was the department's 2006 Officer of the Year, and is the recipient of four Chief's Commendations and three Letters of Commendation.

Patrolman Schauer has taken a specific interest and passion for the interdiction of illegal narcotic activity within Springettsbury Township. He made 196 criminal arrests during 2006, most of which were illegal drug related arrests.

In addition to Patrolman Schauer's criminal arrests, he has taken an aggressive approach to traffic enforcement within Springettsbury Township. It is estimated that the population of Springettsbury Township quadruples from its normal 24,000 residents on a daily basis. Because of the high volume of transient traffic, there are numerous traffic accidents and violations that occur within Springettsbury Township. Aware of these facts, Patrolman Schauer took the initiative and made 386 traffic arrests during this calendar year. This has assisted in making the roadways within Springettsbury Township safer for all motorists.

Patrolman Schauer represented the Department at the 25th Annual Pennsylvania Police Olympics in Pittsburgh PA in June. Patrolman Schauer competed in numerous physical fitness, strength, and shooting events in which he captured three gold medals, a silver medal, and one bronze medal in a field of over 200 competitors.

During 2006, Springettsbury Township suffered from a rash of criminal mischief violations. Hundreds of reports were made and taken by members of the Department. Patrolman Schauer took on the task of identifying the actors. He was able to, by using on and off-duty time, develop rapport with numerous residents within the Township, which assisted him in identifying suspects, ultimately leading to arrests and clearances in the majority of these cases.

Based on Patrolman Schauer's performance, work ethic, and dedication, he was awarded the "Officer of the Year" award for the Springettsbury Township Police Department. It wasn't a hard decision for the Awards Selection Committee to select Patrolman Schauer for this award.

Patrolman Schauer has set a new standard for the Springettsbury Township Police Department that has become contagious to other members of the department. This has increased the level of professionalism and knowledge of all of his peers. Patrolman Schauer has become a "go to guy" and has gained a tremendous amount of respect within the department as well as the law enforcement community.

Nominated by: Chief David C. Eshbach, Springettsbury Township Police Department

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