Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Llewellyn Kauffman
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Deputy Kauffman is a 24-year veteran of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He is currently assigned to southeast York County.

Deputy Kauffman was born in Laurel, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Red Lion Area High School. Deputy Kauffman served in the United States Army, and actively served in Vietnam. Deputy Kauffman is married with two children.

Deputy Kauffman has been nominated for the Southeast Region Deputy of the Year in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Deputy Kauffman is a member of the Collinsville and Windsor Fish and Game Clubs.

Deputy Kauffman, in addition to working a full-time job, works for the Game Commission as a Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer, collecting a flat per diem regardless of the length of the workday. Once the district budget has been exhausted, Deputy Kauffman continues to work without pay for the remainder of the year. Deputy Kauffman must also supply his own radios, body armor, fire arm, duty belt, vehicle and gasoline.

Deputy Kauffman is responsible for filing 20 to 25% of all citations filed by the District every year. In 2006, Deputy Kauffman was involved in many cases, including the following:

Three subjects were shooting whatever game they wanted, were shooting across roadways and in safety zones. After identifying the suspects and conducting interviews, the defendants admitted their involvement and pled guilty to all charges.

Deputy Kauffman was assigned to interview his cousin, who had shot a deer while road hunting. Deputy Kauffman's cousin pled guilty to all charges filed.

Deputy Kauffman was assigned to assist a Lancaster County officer that was investigating an unlawful deer kill. Deputy Kauffman interviewed the suspect, and determined that the suspect was innocent, and that the complainants were the actual violators, who eventually pled guilty to the charges filed.

Deputy Kauffman is also involved in the Safety Zone program, the Hunter Trapper Education program, and helps to staff the Commission's booth at the York Outdoor Show.

Deputy Kauffman was also instrumental in the District fielding a four-man and a two-man team at the Commission's Statewide Revolver Championship.

Deputy Kauffman's exceptional attitude, unwavering commitment, steadfast fidelity and sense of duty sets him head and shoulders above all others.

Nominated by: Wildlife Conservation Officer Guy Hansen, Pennsylvania Game Commission

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