Corporal Craig B. Fenstermacher
Pennsylvania State Police

2006 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Corporal Fenstermacher is a 24-year veteran of the Pennsylvania State Police. He is currently assigned to the Troop H Vice/Intelligence Unit. He previously served as a Patrol Trooper and Patrol Supervisor. Corporal Fenstermacher previously served with the Elizabethtown Borough and Susquehanna Township Police Departments.

Corporal Fenstermacher was born in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, and is married with two children.

Corporal Fenstermacher is the recipient of several Letters of Commendation.

Corporal Fenstermacher is a coach for youth soccer and baseball programs, and volunteers at his church.

Corporal Fenstermacher has provided guidance and support to York County law enforcement agencies with regard to vice and narcotic investigations. Throughout 2006, Corporal Fenstermacher's unit made 162 felony and 15 misdemeanor arrests. The unit recovered over $48,000 in heroin, over $68,000 in marijuana, and over $970,000 in cocaine. 54 vehicles were confiscated and 19 guns were recovered from the streets of York County.

In June of 2006, Corporal Fenstermacher's unit conducted an undercover investigation into activities at two York area massage parlors. Undercover troopers were solicited for sexual activity, and as a result two arrests were made and $100,000 was forfeited to the York County District Attorney.

In June of 2006, after an undercover investigation, five subjects were arrested for various narcotics charges. In addition, 18 ounces of cocaine and $17,000 in cash was recovered, along with a stolen handgun.

In July of 2006, a vehicle search warrant was served resulting in two drug arrests. During the search, a hidden compartment was found containing 575 grams of crack cocaine.

A second search warrant was served on a vehicle in July of 2006, where another hidden compartment was discovered, containing three kilograms of cocaine and $18,000 in cash.

In December of 2006, an investigation into two massage parlors resulted in two arrests, various seized items, and an illegal alien discovered who was turned over to immigration agents.

These incidents are but a brief snapshot of Corporal Fenstermacher and his unit's year. He is regarded as one of the pre-eminent authorities regarding narcotics, gambling and other vice-related offenses countywide. He is sought out by state and municipal agencies for his expertise and never hesitates to involve his unit when a request for assistance is presented.

Nominated by: Captain Patrick B. Gebhart, Pennsylvania State Police

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