Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Robert E. Simmonds
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Deputy Simmonds is a 16-year veteran of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He is currently assigned as a Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer in York County.

Deputy Simmonds attended the US Naval Academy, has a Bachelor's degree from Hobart College, and a Master's degree from the New York State College of Forestry. Deputy Simmonds served in the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. Deputy Simmonds is married with one son.

Deputy Simmonds is a member of the York/Adams Game and Fish Association and the Conservations Officers of Pennsylvania Association.

Deputy Simmonds is part of the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Corps, a group of officers that must pay for their own leather gear, firearms, vehicles, gas and miscellaneous items. They are supplied with their work clothing, and are paid $65.00 for each eight hours they work for approximately three months of the year. They volunteer their time for the vast majority of the year for the benefit of Pennsylvania's wildlife resources.

Deputy Simmonds assists in patrolling a 350 square mile district in southwest York County. Deputy Simmonds was instrumental in solving several illegal wildlife killings in 2005. Deputy Simmonds was also the backup to the lead investigator in a fatal hunting related incident in September 2005.

Deputy Simmonds was involved with the agency's Hunter Trapper Education program within the district, which trained over 900 students in 2005.

Deputy Simmonds has been and continues to be an integral part of the conservation law enforcement effort in York County.

Nominated by: Wildlife Conservation Officer Chad Eyler, Pennsylvania Game Commission

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