Patrol Officer Stuart Harrison
Southwestern Regional Police Department

Officer Harrison is a four-year veteran of the Southwestern Regional Police Department, where he is currently assigned as a patrol officer. Officer Harrison was previously a police officer for the York City Police Department.

Officer Harrison served 20 years active duty in the United States Marine Corps. Officer Harrison has received many Awards and Medals, including the Department of Defense Meritorious Service Award. Officer Harrison is married and has one daughter.

Officer Harrison has received three department commendations, and was nominated for the 2005 Hanover Elks Officer of the Year.

Officer Harrison supports Special Olympics as an active participant in the "Cops & Lobsters" program and the Torch Run.

Officer Harrison constantly volunteers for extra assignments and readily accepts department projects with tenacity. He often reports to work early and leaves late and demonstrates a strong work ethic. Officer Harrison has become the department's computer expert, assisting with network construction, troubleshooting and maintaining the department's web site.

Officer Harrison instructs handgun, shotgun and patrol rifle operation to department members, and serves as a field training officer.

Officer Harrison is one of the leading traffic enforcement officers, and maintains a high clearance rate in his criminal investigations and demonstrates the ability to deal with difficult people.

On January 8, 2005, the body of a Tennessee man was discovered in a remote area of an outdoor parking area at a local Industry. No witnesses were located, and the man had no ties to the area. With very little information, Officer Harrison immediately set out to solve the crime.

Family and friends could not explain why the man was in Pennsylvania. Officer Harrison checked with trucking firms, and located a firm that provided a possible link. Officer Harrison was able to determine that a truck from that firm was in the location the body was found just prior to its discovery. Officer Harrison was able to obtain a search warrant for that truck, which was scheduled to return to the area. Officer Harrison stopped the truck and interviewed the driver, who admitted to leaving the subject on the ground after the driver believed the subject had died from a heart attack. The victim died due to exposure to the cold after spending the night in the parking lot. The driver was convicted of homicide charges in York County Court.

Officer Harrison has handled hundred of less impacting investigations with the same professionalism and determination, and has demonstrated the attributes of a well-seasoned officer.

Nominated by: Chief of Police Gregory Bean, Southwestern Regional Police Department

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