Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Jeffrey Gohn
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Deputy Gohn is a 25-year veteran of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He is currently assigned to District 67-3 in southeast York County. Deputy Gohn previously served as a constable in Lower Chanceford Township and as a patrolman for the Dallastown Borough Police Department.

Deputy Gohn is a graduate of the York County Area Vocational-Technical School. Deputy Gohn is single.

Deputy Gohn is the recipient of the NRA Distinguished Police Marksman Award in 2004, the Pennsylvania Game Commission Life Saving Award in 2002 and again in 2003, the District 6-67-3 Deputy of the Year Award in 2001, 2002 and 2003, and the Southeast Region Deputy of the Year Award in 2003.

Deputy Gohn is a reserve officer who works many hours enforcing state environmental laws in York County. Deputy Gohn receives a flat per-diem for each day worked, whether it is an eight or sixteen-hour workday. Once the District budget has been expended, Deputy Gohn still continues to work without pay to provide the services of a Conservation Officer to York County. Deputy Gohn is issued his uniform, ammunition and OC spray, but has to furnish his own radios, body armor, firearm, duty belt flashlights vehicle and fuel.

Deputy Gohn is responsible for filing between 15-20% of all citations filed by the District every year, and his fervor for catching poachers has not waned. In 2005, Deputy Gohn knew a specific person was killing deer out of season. Deputy Gohn and another officer staked out the poacher's residence, arriving at 0600 to begin surveillance. The poacher was observed with a group killing a deer at 1750 hours, and Deputy Gohn and the other officer arrived to take the intoxicated subject into custody. Deputy Gohn was able to determine that two of the men had killed at least four deer illegally over multiple days.

Deputy Gohn also assisted in a hunting related death, assisting the lead investigator with identifying, marking, recording and collecting evidence.

Deputy Gohn is also active with the Hunter Trapper Education program in York County, and has assisted the District Water Conservation Officer by attending sportsman's club meetings and manning the Commission's booth at the York Outdoor Show.

Deputy Gohn is the first to volunteer for any duty, regardless of the assignment. He knows what needs to be done and does it without being asked.

Nominated by: Wildlife Conservation Officer Guy Hansen, Pennsylvania Game Commission

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