Police Officer William B. Wentz
York City Police Department

2005 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Officer Wentz is a 15-year veteran of the York City Police Department. He is currently assigned as a Nuisance Abatement Officer.

Officer Wentz has an Associates degree from York Technical Institute. Officer Wentz is married, and has three children.

Officer Wentz has received four letters of commendation, three commissioner's commendations and an award of merit.

In January of 2005, Officer Wentz was assigned to the newly formed position of Nuisance Abatement Officer, dealing with quality of life issues in the neighborhoods of the City of York.

Officer Wentz sits on the Civil Enforcement Unit, made up of members from every City department and the District Attorney's Office. During 2005, Officer Wentz helped in the planning of eight Clean Sweeps performed by the Civil Enforcement Unit in neighborhoods blighted with various quality of life issues.

Officer Wentz began by addressing problems ranging from abandoned vehicles, loud noises, alcohol related offenses and more serious crimes. Officer Wentz used individual officers and detectives willing to change their working hours and relief days to plan 66 details, all of which dealt with ridding neighborhoods of criminal activities.

As a result of these 66 details, 17 felony and 49 misdemeanor drug arrests were made, as well as 5 other felony and 60 other misdemeanor arrests. 996 warrants were served, and 273 persons arrested for warrants. 855 citations were issued, and 310 abandoned vehicles were towed or caused to moved.

Nominated by: Captain David Arnold

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