Deputy Sheriff Jose "Tony" Curet
York County Sheriff's Department

Recipient - Award of Valor
May 11, 2006

Deputy Curet is a 7- year veteran of the York County Sheriff's Department. He is currently assigned to Central Booking. He has previously served in the Warrant Division, Courtroom Division, Transport Division and the Security Division.

Deputy Curet is a graduate of the Adolfine Irrizang High School in Puerto Rico, and attended San Juan University. Deputy Curet served in the Army National Guard from 1981 to 1999. Deputy Curet has four children.

Deputy Curet has received letters of commendation from the York County Drug Task Force, the York City Police Department and the York County Commissioners.

Deputy Curet is actively involved in the Sheriff's Department's Youth Program.

At 0830 hours on March 10, 2005, Deputy Curet and four other deputies were attempting to serve a bench warrant at a residence in York City. Since the subject spoke Spanish, Deputy Curet took the lead role while the other deputies covered the front and rear doors. Deputy Curet knocked at the front door and was met by the subject's mother. Deputy Curet heard the subject on the second floor, and instructed the subject to come downstairs.

Without warning, the subject, armed with two handguns, opened fire down the stairwell, striking Deputy Curet. The other deputies were pinned down outside the front door, unable to assist Deputy Curet. Deputy Curet, while still under fire, saw the subject's mother was in the line of fire, and moved her to a safe location. Deputy Curet then sought cover in the kitchen. The subject continued to fire out the front door and at Deputy Curet. The subject then entered the kitchen, where he continued to fire at Deputy Curet and out the back door at the other deputies. Deputy Curet returned fire, killing the subject. Over $180,000 of illegal drugs were located in the residence.

Deputy Curet, while injured, acted above and beyond the call of duty to protect the safety and welfare of the public.

Nominated by: Sheriff William M. Hose, York County Sheriff's Department

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