Wildlife Conservation Officer Chad R. Eyler
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Chad R. Eyler has served for 4 years with the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He is currently a Wildlife Conservation Officer in southwestern York County.

Eyler graduated from West York Area High School, and graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in 1996 with a B.S. in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement.

Eyler served as a Park Ranger II for the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources from 1998 to 2001 and as a Deputy Waterways Conservation Officer for the PA Fish & Boat Commission from 1997 to 2001.

WCO Eyler was nominated for the Wildlife Conservation Officer of the Year Award for the Conservation Law Enforcement Chief's Association in 2004 and the Wage Employee of the Year Award at Pinchot State Park in 1999.

WCO Eyler provides programs on wildlife, conservation and wildlife law enforcement, provides Hunter/Trapper Education courses to certify students to hunt in Pennsylvania, and assisted in raising funds to place a sign in an "Important Bird Area" at Kiwanis Lake in York City and educating the public of the area's importance.

Eyler graduated in the 26th class from the Ross Leffler School of Conservation and was assigned to District 6-67-2, York County where he is still assigned. His 290 square mile district includes York City and Hanover.

WCO Eyler has a very active law enforcement program within his district, and is one of the leaders in the numbers of warning and prosecutions within the region and the state. Officer Eyler assists local police departments in investigations.

WCO Eyler has developed numerous training plans and has published them to compact disc so other officers can use his programs to train deputies, instructors and new employees. These include programs on waterfowl identification, waterfowl forensics, and the history of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

WCO Eyler has studied waterfowl forensics and time of death, and has gone beyond information available to pick up where past studies have left off to develop new information. Officer Eyler attended a waterfowl enforcement class by the Ohio Fish and Wildlife Service and instructed part of the course on waterfowl forensics. Eyler asked to be assigned to go to the Atlantic Flyway Counsel's Wing Bee at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Refuge in Laurel, Maryland to reinforce his knowledge of waterfowl identification.

WCO Eyler conducted 18 Hunter/Trapper Education courses in his district in 2004 and certified 608 students.

WCO Eyler is thoughtful and thorough in all he does. His attitude, manners, conduct and personal appearance are outstanding and bring credit to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Nominated by: Charles J. Lincoln, Law Enforcement Supervisor, Southeast Region, Pennsylvania Game Commission

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