Detective Dana C. Ward, Jr.
York City Police Department

2004 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Dana Ward was hired by the York City Police Department in August of 1991. Ward served as a patrol officer, and was promoted to Detective in May of 1996. He is currently a Detective in the sex crimes and child abuse unit and also serves as a Counter Sniper for the York County Quick Response Team. Ward is married and has two children.

Detective Ward has an Associates Degree from Hocking Technical College. Ward served two years active duty in the United States Army and six years in the Ohio and Pennsylvania National Guard. Prior to joining the York City Police Department, Ward served as a Park Ranger for Lancaster County Parks.

Detective Ward has received six Letters of Commendation, and was named the department's Police Officer of the Year for 2004.

Ward has shown a commitment to his community both on duty and off duty.

Ward has served as former Boy Scout leader, and is a member of the York County Child Death Review Team and a member of the Child Advocacy Center.

During 2004, Detective Ward was assigned 133 cases. Each case takes approximately three months to complete. Thirty arrests were made in the area of child abuse and sex crimes, resulting in 120 felony offenses charged against the suspects. The suspects received an average of 15-30 years in state correctional institutions.

Detective Ward's clearance rate for assigned cases is 90%, the highest in the unit. Ward's conviction rate topped 99%, above the unit's average of 97%.

Detective Ward serves on board of the Children Advocacy Center. When completed, this facility will be the local hub used by county child abuse investigators and will house specialized physicians who can conduct on-site examinations.

Detective Ward also trains advocates at the Victim Assistance Center.

Detective Ward also serves on the York County Quick Response Team as a counter/sniper, and has utilized his personal funds to enhance his equipment and abilities, directly affecting the safety of the team.

Detective Ward has proven his abilities to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and civilian agencies, and has shown he is a capable and willing officer who has continued to handle complex and stressful cases.

Nominated by: Captain David Arnold, York City Police Department

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