Trooper Jeffrey L. Rineer
Pennsylvania State Police

Recipient - Award of Valor
May 5, 2005

Jeffrey L. Rineer has served for 9 years with the Pennsylvania State Police. He is currently a Trooper - Criminal Investigation.

On September 16, 2004, Trooper Rineer was participating in a softball tournament at Veteran's Memorial Park in the City of York. In the parking lot, Rineer observed an assault in which a male subject threw a female to the ground and ripped off her shirt. Trooper Rineer intervened and prevented further injury to the victim. The suspect fled, saying, "this isn't over, I'm going to get a gun."

While Rineer was providing aid to the victim, the suspect returned and attempted to strike Rineer with his vehicle. The suspect exited the vehicle and approached Rineer with his hand in the waistband of his pants, making threatening statements toward Rineer.

The suspect then headed towards a group of people. Rineer determined that it was probable that the suspect had a concealed weapon, and took the suspect to the ground, restraining him.

The suspect then pulled a knife from his waistband, and tried to stab Rineer. After a brief struggle, Rineer gained control of the suspect and disarmed him, and held him unti the arrival of the York City Police Department.

Trooper Rineer showed courage in spite of the possibility of personal injury, and took actions to protect others while off-duty and unarmed. His display of courage and duty exemplify the Award of Valor.

Nominated by: Lieutenant Patrick B. Gebhart, Troop H, York - Pennsylvania State Police

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