Police Officer Clay A. Stevens
York City Police Department

Officer Stevens is a ten year veteran of the York City Police Department. Stevens was born in York, PA and has two daughters. Stevens' prior assignments include ASP instructor and Officer Friendly. During his service with the York City PD Officer Stevens has received four Letters of Commendation and two Chief's Commendations. Stevens was the 2003 Police Officer of the Year for the York City Police Department.

Officer Stevens, in addition to ranking above average in many measurable categories of evaluation, has demonstrated a quiet leadership to his fellow officers.

In 2003, Stevens was recognized by District Justice Linda Williams for his professionalism in dealing with a psychiatric patient at her residence.

Also in 2003, Stevens was given limited information about a suicidal subject. Following up on this information, Stevens located the subject in a locked garage, where the subject was attempting to take his own life through carbon monoxide poisoning. Stevens arrived in time to save the man's life.

In addition, Stevens was instrumental in obtaining a confession from a robbery suspect who was later linked to several other area robberies.

Nominated by: Mark L.Whitman, Commissioner, York City Police Department

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