Deputy Sheriff David S. Andress
York County Sheriffs Office

Deputy Andress is a one year veteran of the department. Andress was born in Philadelphia, PA, is married and has two daughters. Andress served with the United States Navy, receiving an Expeditionary Award during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Andress has served eight years with the Jefferson Borough Council, and is a member of the Hanover Masonic Lodge for 31 years. Andress has been involved with the York City Softball League for 17 years.

In September of 2003, Deputy Andress and his partner were en route to pick up a prisoner for a court hearing when they were waved down by a subject on the street. They observed that the man was injured about the face, and the man directed them to an armed suspect. Andress and his partner exited the vehicle, where they observed a second victim, and the deputies attempted to detain the suspect. Andress advised County Control of the incident.

As the suspect turned to face them, the suspect was observed with a handgun in his right hand. The deputies ordered the suspect to drop the weapon, but the suspect refused to comply. The deputies backed away from the suspect, hoping to draw him away from a congested downtown intersection.

The suspect walked toward the deputies, away from the intersection. The suspect still refused to drop the weapon, and advanced on the deputies. As the deputies attempted to subdue the suspect, the suspect fired his weapon at Andress, striking him on the side of the stomach. Andress' partner then fired two shots at the suspect, who dropped to the ground. The deputies secured the scene and called for assistance.

It was later determined that the suspect had a lengthy criminal background, and had been previously arrested for attempted homicide.

Nominated by: William M. Hose, York County Sheriff

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