Police Officer Alan Clarkson
York City Police Department

Alan Clarkson a has served as a police officer for 12 years with the York City Police Department.

Officer Clarkson has received a number of law enforcement awards and citations, including one Recognition of Achievement in 1996, three Recognition of Achievements in 1997, one Recognition of Achievement in 1998, one Commissioner's Commendation in 1999, two Commissioner's Commendations in 2001, and a Commendation from Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General as a member of the Attorney General's Municipal Drug Task Force

In addition to his duties as patrol officer, Officer Clarkson is a NRA certified Firearms Instructor, an officer of the Fraternal Order of Police and a motorcycle patrol officer.

During the past year Officer Clarkson has demonstrated an outstanding devotion to his duties. Officer Clarkson has been assigned as a permanent downtown beat cop for the past couple of years. Upon receiving the assignment, he quickly rallied the support of the business community. He has served as a very special liaison between merchants, downtown workers, and the York City Police Department. His maturity and his sound judgment have afforded him the respect and devotion of citizens and police officers. During 2002 Officer Clarkson has single-handedly done more to gain the support of his community than any other officer or division with the police department.

Officer Clarkson has tackled a very wide variety of complex problems. He's dealt with quality of life issues such as loitering, drunken and disorderly persons, persons who are mentally ill, vagrants, and parking problems, to name a few. He has made himself accessible to his constituents. As a result, he has been called upon repeatedly to address issues involving the new courthouse, Strand Capitol Building, and has come to the aid of the Downtown Ambassadors.

He has assisted the York County Sheriffs Department and the District Attorney's Office throughout the year with the Grand Jury investigating the 1969 race riot cases. He is active in bringing strong relationships between organizations and the York City Police Department.

Officer Clarkson also has been an officer in the Fraternal Order of Police White Rose Lodge #15. As an officer he has a unique ability to see both sides of an issue and try to do what is best for the officer while balancing that against what is best for the York City Police Department. He has spoken to the community during the last year and made them aware of unique situations that police officers find themselves in today when attempting to enforce laws. This information has helped the community at large better understand police and gain policing more support from the community at large.

Nominated by: David J. Arnold, Captain, York City Police Department

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