Sergeant Timothy M. Harvey
Springettsbury Township Police Department

Sergeant Harvey worked as a York County Park Ranger prior to entering into service with the Springettsbury Township Police Department. He holds a degree in Criminal Justice from York College of Pennsylvania.

During his 12 years with the department, Sergeant Harvey has worked in patrol and community oriented policing. Presently, he works as a patrol sergeant, emergency management coordinator, and accreditation manager.

Sergeant Harvey has received numerous letters of commendation, Chief's Commendation, Department Award of Merit, and a letter of commendation from the US Secret Service

Sergeant Harvey was designated as the Emergency Management Coordinator for Springettsbury Township in March of 1999 by then Governor Tom Ridge.

This is a unique assignment for a police officer and department, as typically this is assigned to a fire department and/or fire chief. Sergeant Harvey must coordinate and manage the Three Mile Island Emergency Preparedness drill, conducted every two years. The Township Emergency Operations Center, and execution of its emergency preparedness, management and mitigation plan is evaluated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as well as the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency. Under Sergeant Harvey's direction, Springettsbury Township has never received poor or deficient ratings.

Sergeant Harvey assists our local school districts with formulation of their emergency preparedness plans, and the execution of emergency drills with the schools, administration, staff, and students. Sergeant Harvey has conducted drills with every school within the Township's jurisdiction. This has been an extremely successful endeavor, as both the school district and the police department have identified shortcomings within the plans and have taken measures to correct these.

Through Sergeant Harvey's guidance the police department has practiced various "true to life" scenarios they could potentially encounter in schools or on the school's property.

On September 11, 2001, Sergeant Harvey was working dayshift when the department received word that the World Trade Centers, Pentagon, and a rural area in western Pennsylvania had suffered terrorist attacks. Sergeant Harvey quickly realized the potential danger that lay ahead, when a fifth aircraft was reported hijacked and Three Mile Island could be a viable target.

In less than 20 minutes, Sergeant Harvey made the necessary contacts requesting EOC activation, and had the EOC manned and operational. Sergeant Harvey also began work on contingency plans to ensure the safety of the many children who would be traveling home from school on that day.

In light of the "anthrax" incidents following the September attacks, Sergeant Harvey developed a procedure to handle these types of incidents, as well as a procedure for suspicious evidence from throughout the County of York to be maintained until it could be transported for testing.

Sergeant Harvey sacrifices time with his family, spending much of his off duty time working on projects related to his Emergency Management Coordinator duties, and never requests compensation. Although fighting chronic illness, Sergeant Harvey, even when ill, has found the fortitude to carry on, when others would have called off sick.

His dedication, loyalty, and commitment to his Emergency Management duties have allowed the township to excel in this area of Public Safety. The FEMA evaluator recently commented, Springettsbury Township is a community he would feel totally comfortable residing in, due to the excellent guidance and delivery of emergency services under the direction of Sergeant Harvey.

Nominated by: David C. Eshbach, Chief, Springettsbury Township Police Department

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