Trooper Richard T. Drum
Pennsylvania State Police

Trooper Drum served in the US Army attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant and receiving multiple achivement awards. Trooper Drum has served 7 years with the Pennsylvania State Police, and has worked Patrol and Criminal Investigations.

Trooper Drum has received the Troop Commanders Letter of Recognition for DUI Enforcement in 1996, a Troop H Commanding Officers Letter, and a Chief s Commendation from Red Lion Borough Police Department.

A bank robbery occurred in Red Lion Borough on May 24, 2001. Trooper Drum heard the county broadcast giving a brief physical description of the suspect. Trooper Drum set up a stationary patrol on State Route 74 in Chanceford Township, the main highway that passes through Red Lion.

Trooper Drum observed a subject driving away from the scene, who was not wearing a shirt. Trooper Drum thought this odd, as the weather on this particular day was relatively cool. The driver had a mustache which fit the physical description that was broadcast.

Trooper Drum executed a vehicle stop and through his discussion with the driver, determined he was from the Philadelphia area. The driver claimed to be in the county on business, however the place he was to be visiting was not in the county. Gathering all the information he could, and having nothing else to go on, Trooper Drum permitted the driver to leave.

That evening, while watching television at his residence, Trooper Drum saw a bank surveillance photo of the suspect in the bank robbery from earlier in the day. He immediately recognized the subject he stopped earlier in the day.

Trooper Drum provided the FBI with the information he had gathered through his traffic stop. The FBI, along with state, and local police in the Philadelphia area, conducted an extensive surveillance on the subject, and were able apprehended him after his most recent, 22nd robbery. The individual subsequently confessed to each of the robberies he had committed.

The lead FBI investigator in the case advised the information provided by Trooper Drum was critical to their case. The investigator added the whole case basically was made as a result of Trooper Drum's information.

Nominated by: Rick Dressler, Sergeant, Pennsylvania State Police

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