Police Officer Larry D. Bailets, Sr.
Stewartstown Police Department

Officer Bailets is assigned as School Resource Officer with the Stewartstown Police Dept.

Larry Bailets served in a number of law enforcement agencies throughout his 30+ year career. He served as a Deputy Sheriff, York County Detective, and worked for five police departments, holding ranks from Patrolman to Chief of Police at various times within the departments he worked.

Officer Bailets has a Bachelor of Science in English and Safety Education and a Masters in Education and Public Administration. In addition to his work in law enforcement, Officer Bailets worked as an educator and administrator for 15 years in several school districts. He is Past President of the Tri-County Chiefs of Police Association, and a member of the York County Constables Association.

Winterstown Borough Council honored Chief Bailets for his actions in 2001 at the Winterstown / North Hopewell Elementary School.

As Chief of Police for North Hopewell Township, Larry Bailets provided coverage for the Borough of Winterstown. The Chief would often sit in his cruiser car at the fire hall across from the North Hopewell Winterstown Elementary School and the parents and children would wave to him as they arrived at the school. Little did the parents or their children realize the role Chief Bailets would some day play in their lives.

On the morning of February 2, 2001 around 11:30 am, a man armed with a machete entered the North Hopewell Winterstown Elementary School, attacking two teachers and several students.

Chief Bailets was the first officer on the scene. He entered the building near where the attack occurred, and observed the suspect. Chief Bailets waited for backup officers to arrive, approached the suspect and took him into custody. Chief Bailets' immediate concern after taking the suspect into custody was securing medical aid for the victims of the attack.

Then, Chief Bailets began the process of securing the crime scene and initiating the investigation, with the assistance of officers from other responding departments, including the Pennsylvania State Police.

Officers on the scene that day said Chief Bailets displayed a great amount of composure considering the nature of the crime and the scene that greeted him when he entered the school.

Nominated by: Shawn M Packard, PFC, Stewartstown Police Department

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