Lieutenant Elmer E. Wolf, retired
Southern Regional Police Department

In 1972, Elmer E. Wolf began his law enforcement career with the New Freedom Borough Police Department as a part time officer. On June 15, 1976, the Borough of New Freedom hired him as their first full time police officer, and was given the rank of Chief of Police. He continued to serve as the Chief in New Freedom Borough until December 31, 1991.

In January of 1992, New Freedom Borough joined with Shrewsbury Borough to form the Southern Regional Police Department. This enabled the officers of both departments to combine resources to provide excellent service to both communities. Elmer was given the rank of Lieutenant in the new department.

While with the Southern Regional Police Department, Lieutenant Wolf served as the Administrative Lieutenant, and on two different occasions, served as the Acting Chief while the agency was without a Chief of Police.

After serving 25 years as a full time police officer, and 4 years as a part time officer, Lieutenant Wolf made the decision to retire effective June 15, 2001.

Lieutenant Wolf's retirement brings to a close an outstanding career in law enforcement, with many memories and accomplishments.

Nominated by: James C. Childs, III, Chief, Southern Regional Police Department

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