Police Chief Darryl Albright
Northeastern Regional Police Department

2000 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Darryl Albright began his law enforcement career with the East Manchester Township Police Department in 1974. The Northeastern Regional Police Department was formed in 1983, naming Darryl Albright as the Chief of Police. He continues to serve in that capacity today.

During his tenure, Chief Albright has promoted crime prevention, block watches, drug awareness, and community policing. He has added a detective, a lieutenant, the DARE program, and bike patrols to the department. Chief Albright has an open door policy with his officers as well as the community. He leads by example, and enjoys working the street on different shifts to stay in touch with the community.

Chief Albright is a strong believer in training, and urges his officers to excel in specialized areas. Albright has attended the Pennsylvania Chiefs Command Institute, and other federal, state, and local training, setting an example for his officers to follow.

Chief Albright is a past president of the York County Chiefs Association, a trustee with York County FOP Lodge #73, Vice President of the Pennsylvania Association of Regional Police, a member of the Pennsylvania Chiefs Law Committee, and is currently serving as president of the Central Pennsylvania Chiefs Association. Albright has worked with County Probation to establish a Youth Aid Panel to work with first time juvenile offenders. He actively pursues his goal of a new police headquarters for his department.

On January 8, 2000, a young couple was kidnapped in the Goldsboro area, held at gunpoint, and driven to the Saginaw area. The young lady was raped and both individuals were shot, dumped into the Susquehanna River, and left for dead. Upon hearing the call from 911, Chief Albright, on his day off, immediately took charge of the investigation. Spending numerous hours along the riverbank looking for evidence, chasing down leads all over the county, and along with many other professionals, finally traced the crime to William Babner. Mr. Babner was arrested in less than 48 hours. Throughout the process of building the case against this perpetrator, Chief Albright took the lead, ensured every detail was covered, and kept the investigation moving forward. In September, a guilty verdict sent Mr. Babner away for a very long time.

Chief Albright exemplifies the qualities of Officer of the Year.

Nominated by: James F. Kinder, Mayor, Mount Wolf Borough

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