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Law Enforcement Awards Program

Part of the mission of the Police Heritage Museum is to promote a better understanding between law enforcement officers and the citizens they serve by demonstrating the role officers play in their communities' history and growth.

By establishing the Law Enforcement Awards Program, the Police Heritage Museum hopes to meet its mission by promoting the public trust and support of local law enforcement agencies by showcasing the achievements of local law enforcement officers. In addition, we hope to shed light on the community member that wears a law enforcement uniform.

The Law Enforcement Awards Program is sponsored by Republic Services, and is held in cooperation with:

York County Chiefs of Police Association
White Rose Lodge #15, Fraternal Order of Police
York County Lodge #73, Fraternal Order of Police
York County District Attorney's Office.

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award

The Police Heritage Museum hopes to recognize well-rounded law enforcement officers who have exceeded the duty requirements expected of their position and have also demonstrated a distinct pattern of community service along with professional achievement. Selection criteria includes:

  • Significant achievements that go above and beyond the call of duty
  • Outstanding acts of kindness or compassion or courage
  • Consistency in day-to-day operations
  • How the officers represents their agency and profession
  • Community work the officers performs on their own time
  • Performance which reflects the highest standards of the profession

Award of Valor

The Police Heritage Museum wishes to recognize local law enforcement officers for exceptional courage in a specific hazardous or life-threatening situation. Recipients will be recognized for actions performed at considerable risk to the officer's safety or life:

  • In an effort to save or protect life and/or property
  • A significant action above and beyond the normal call of duty

Citizen Award of Merit

The Police Heritage Museum wishes to recognize local citizens for actions taken at personal risk to:

  • Prevent or stop the commission of a crime
  • Assist or aid a law enforcement officer
  • Attempt to save or protect life and/or property

2017 Law Enforcement Awards Program

The 2017 Law Enforcement Awards ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 24, 2018 in the County Commissioners Meeting Room at the York County Administrative Center, 28 East Market Street (the former York County Court House) beginning at 3:30 p.m. The public and the media are invited to attend the ceremony.

The following have been nominated:

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Nominee
Officer Layden Lisa Layden
Detective Sergeant
Southwestern Regional Police Department
Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Nominee
Officer Waltersdorff Matthew T. Waltersdorff
Patrol Officer
Hanover Borough Police Department

Please visit this page for previous award recipients and nominees.

237 West Market Street
York, Pennsylvania 17401